Monday, June 12, 2006

matt sargent & adrian parsons

july 15. 5.30. strand on volta

Thursday, May 25, 2006

thanks stereogum. for everything. love, julie newmar

architecture in helsinki: do the whirlwind (haimas remix)

i'm a fan of remixes, and i just wanted to get this out there because it's one of my favorites. <3

je ne te connais paaaaassss!

there's a lot to be said for french music. however, i don't really know any of it (except actual french). this, i can imagine, is the skinny moustached, stripe-wearing answer to the yeah yeah yeahs. if you're not convinced, just listen to the song. ("i don't know. i don't remember you. and what do you take? it starts like this all the time. with a kiss...") anyway, heartbroken cheerleaders (yeah yeah yeah!) sing it, clap it, stamp it. and i love it.

the prototypes: je ne te connais pas

Thursday, May 04, 2006


also, jack white and this chick:

made a baby.
i bet it's not that attractive.

Who We Are

Hockey Night feels like music I wanted to make when I was a teenager. It's got kind of an exuberance about it that feels like perpetual excitement. but there is nothing amateur about it. the jangly guitars with somewhat nostalgic effects (without directly referencing surf rock guitar sound) sound what weezer was trying to do all this time. i feel like this music is going to be perfect for my 14 hour road trip home, but unfortunately 14 hours of hockey night do no exist. still in the nacent stages, expect such dudes to continue rocking. i mean, look at them.

thanks, you ain't no picasso

hockey night- axe of deliverance

hockey night- who we are

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Brendan does it better.

I mean, Jack's capable of course. But you hear Mr. White and all you can think is White Stripes. Like Bjork in a Barney / or Von Triers joint, "LOOK IT'S FUCKIN BJORK," Jack White is called up best when you need to reference Jack White.

So here he is singing in the background, playing the bit part:

The Raconteurs - Together
The Raconteurs - Yellow Sun

Friday, April 14, 2006

1 = 1

I fell in love very quickly with the new belle and sebastian album, the life pursuit. No filler, just consistantly good songs. Less mopey than previous albums, no comparisons to the Smiths.

Then I found this song on bumrocks, A Paraíba Não É Chicago by Marcos Valle, and it's so similair to Song for Sunshine on the new B&S album that I had this paranoid 36 hour fit.

Obsessively, I've been listening to each song, playing them at the same time. These songs aren't exactly the same, they're in different languages, but they feel equal.

Maybe they were written on exact opposite sides of the earth.

EDIT edit-shmedit

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

momus discusses the ipod. (what a surprise)

i hope adrian is impressed with my geekdom in reading wired.

Momus on the ipod, raves, and silence

""Hell," said Jean-Paul Sartre, "is other people." I'd qualify that slightly. People are fine; it's their music that's hell.
When I moved to New York my first year was sheer bliss; I spent my second in the inferno. Just one thing changed: A couple of dedicated techno rave kids moved in next door. They played the same trance compilation from the moment they came into the apartment until the moment they hit the sack, and even sometimes all through the night.

Everything I did from that moment on was accompanied by the monotonously "exciting" sound of the same Roland TR-909 kick drum. Even my DVD of Derek Jacobi in the BBC's classic serial I, Claudius was transformed into a kind of 140 bpm 4/4 "trance television." Robert Graves became Robert Raves."

"And iPods help neutralize unwanted music by privatizing the bad musical taste of others, reducing potentially public music pollution to a tiny ticking sound in a pair of white ear buds. Ethics, as ever, is a balance between our own freedoms and those of others. Sure, we all now have opportunities to specialize more than we ever did. But, by the same token, music taste has fragmented into hundreds of micro-genres espoused by micro-tribes, which means that playing music in public becomes something more dangerously tribal than ever.

Unfortunately, the latest iPod-related marketing trends -- stuff like audio docking stations and music streaming -- are geared toward bringing music back out into public places again, and this emerging music now wears war paint: it's personalized, specialized, customized and feisty. We're back to pollution and imposition, battles and clashes."


so Cold War Kids is a band that has captured my undivided attention. yes, my playlist is covered in random tracks here and there, but i could say that i actually love cold war kids--let alone their hilariously awkward google image search. These tracks are somewhat varied in their influence of heavy, bluesy bass lines and dangerously banging pianos.


cold war kids- hospital beds

cold war kids- tell me in the morning

cold war kids: soloist in the living room

Thursday, March 30, 2006

spring a sprung sprang

in florida, there is no spring. so i have to remind myself that everywhere across the nation people are in a fucking splendid mood. and as friday draws near, i am as well. matt told me it's finally beautiful in baltimore, so here you go.

tender forever- feelings of love
this song has been on repeat for awhile for a number of reasons-- like a more respectable postal service. granted, it's incredibly cheesy ("remember that feeling of love, when we were oh so close..."). but doesn't spring remind you of other springs when you were incredibly happy and running through green fields? no? well... sorry. just wait til the drum beat and hand claps kick it.

the concretes- chosen one
i'll always love the voice of the concretes, there's no denying a scandinavian accent. another spring love song asking if you've seen this cute little girl's chosen one, sad and sweet. when it comes to fallin in love, it runs me over.

the essex green- don't know why (you stay)
i bought an essex green record when i was sixteen and gave it away. something tells me they got better. although the opening is a little "done" sounding, it quickly becomes one of my favorite driving songs, mostly for its sing along value. tambourines and some ladies make this song irrestibly lovable.